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 About us

We are a Latin fusion restaurant, presenting authentic cuisine inspired by all Latin countries.

The Music, The Art, The Culture, The People, The Food.  Blend is  the ultimate dining experience.

​Viva Mi Gente!

​The History

From what used to be a residential studio, has now transformed into an incredible Latin restaurant and lounge.  The exposed brick walls are beautifully decorated with Hispanic heritage art.  We offer a unique selection of Latin cuisine inspired by countries such as Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Peru.

A favorite hot spot in New York's Long Island City,  Blend has attracted a loyal following, with rave reviews from food critics.  Join us for Lunch, Dinner or our weekend Brunch and enjoy the ultimate dining experience that everyone is talking about.  Blend, a place to eat, meet and greet.  Mi Casa Es Su Casa.

Latin people are one of the proudest cultures in the world.  With an undying passion for Life, Food and Country, Latinos love to share their heritage with all to intrigue and inspire.  Mi Vida, Mi Gente! 

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