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Blend is Proud to Present an

Authentic Latin Fusion Cuisine Menu


Mazorca  7
roasted corn with mayo, cotija cheese, dusted with paprika

Guacamole and Chips  12
fresh homemade guacamole with tortilla chips

Sopes  11
sweet corn cakes w/mozzarella, black bean sauce and finished w/ sour cream, pico de gallo
Add Chicken 2, Add Braised Beef  3, Add Pernil 2

Maduros Con Queso    11
sweet plantains with cotija cheese and sour cream

Mofongo Con Sofrito    12
fried green plantains mashed w/ garlic, shallots, onions, butter and sofrito sauce
Add Chicken 2, Add Pernil 2, Add Braised Beef  3, Add Shrimp 3

Chicharrones De Pollo    14
lightly fried seasoned chicken breast morsels and sofrito sauce on the side

Camarones Al Ajillo    15
shrimps sautéed in a butter wine garlic sauce served with toast

Taco Trio    14
chicken, pernil & braised beef with pico de gallo, avocado, cotija cheese, and sour cream

Calamari Blend    16
crispy fried, tossed with plantain, tomato salsa and spicy tomato pepper sauce

Tapatizer Sampler    28
chicharrones de pollo, maduros, fried shrimp, fried calamari and empanadas


Mixed Greens    12
tomato, onions and sherry vinaigrette
Add Avocado 2, Add Chicken 3, Add Shrimp 4

Queso De Cabra Salad    15
mixed greens, spicy roasted pecans, crispy goat cheese with a sherry vinaigrette
Add Avocado 2, Add Chicken 3, Add Shrimp 4

Latin Blend    14
greens w/ hearts of palm, tomato, roasted peppers, tortilla crisps & mango vinaigrette
Add Avocado 2, Add Chicken 3, Add Shrimp 4

Empanadas       5

Pollo   Shredded Chicken
Carne    braised beef
Quesos    queso fresco, goat cheese, cotija & manchego
Chorizo    spanish sausage, raisins, peppers, and onions
Espinaca Y Queso  spinach, mascarpone, queso fresco, cotija, & pecans
Empanada Sampler    20

all 5 for 20

Vegan Paella    17
rice, portobello, zucchini, corn, peas, peppers, onions and avocado
Veggie Burger    16
panko crusted portobello stuffed with black bean pattie, finished with guacamole
Veggie Burrito    16
mushrooms, zucchini, squash, rice, guacamole

SIDES all 6

Yellow Rice with Beans    
White Rice with Beans    
Moro Rice    
Vegetable Rice    
Yuca Frita    
Papas Fritas    
Hand Cut Sweet Potato Fries    
Grilled Vegetables    


Pollo A La Plancha    21
seared chicken breast in a lemon butter sauce served w/ white rice, black beans and sweet maduros

Arroz Con Pollo    19
seasoned yellow rice, chicken, green peas, cilantro & roasted peppers served w/ maduros

Pernil    18
cuban style slow roasted pork, blend sauce, served with yellow rice, black beans and tostones

Ropa Vieja    23
braised shredded beef in a plantain basket over fufu, demi glace, served with rice and beans

Lomo Saltado    24
peruvian style stir-fry with beef strips, tomatoes, onions, french fries and white rice

Churrasco 34
grilled skirt steak with chimichurri served with white rice, black beans and mixed green salad


Moqueca    24
sautéed shrimp in coconut milk & lime juice w/ hearts of palm, almonds, sweet peppers, white rice

Pan Seared Tilapia    20
tilapia in a garlic lemon sauce over sauteed spinach, garnished with tostones

Paella    29
rice with chorizo, shrimps, calamari, mussels, clams, garnished with green peas and roasted peppers


Include your choice of french fries, Yuca fries, hand cut sweet potato fries or mixed green salad

Cubano    16
roasted pork, ham, swiss cheese, pickles& mayo

Steak and Cheese    17
skirt steak, mozzarella, sautéed onion, lettuce, tomato


Include your choice of french fries, yuca fries, hand cut sweet potato fries or mixed green salad
Blend Burger    15
angus beef, lettuce, tomato, onions

Border Burrito    15
white rice, beans, lettuce, cotija cheese, pico de gallo, guacamole and sour cream (beef or chicken)

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